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Missing Gampola girl strangled to death, buried

The Gampola Police yesterday said that the 22-year-old girl who had been missing for the past seven days was found murdered and buried in the Alpitiya area of Weligalla in Gampola.

The victim has been identified as Fathima Munawura of Alpitiya, Weligala.She had left her home last Sunday morning to go to her work place - a pharmacy in Geli-oya, and her relatives had stated that there was no sign of her after that, although she was recorded on the CCTV cameras of the Alpitiya Mosque,which is about a hundred meters away.

Since that day, no information was found about Fathima, the Gampola police and one of her brothers went to the head office of the telephone company in Colombo yesterday morning in order to get the data analysis of her mobile phone with a court order.

Meanwhile, a phone call received from a foreign country to the Gampola Police said that this girl was in a house in Wela in Gampola.The police also went to the house, but as there was no such person, it was revealed that it was a fake call.

Meanwhile, Police questioned a 24 year old youth in the area based on information received to the police they succeeded in unearthing the details of this murder after interrogating him.

Fathima has to walk two kilometers from her house to Weligalla to go to her working place. This young man appeared in front of her in a desolate place, took her by the hand and tried to take her to a coconut grove. When she objected and said that she would tell her father, the suspect had dragged the girl and strangled her to death.

After killing her, he buried her in the coconut grove and placed coconut branches on top of it

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