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Music: Nectar for the Soul

Music is a captivating art form that resonates with the depths of one’s being. Its irresistible allure can be best understood through the words of Homer in the Odyssey, where he describes the enchanting voices of sirens that entranced sailors. In the 21st century, music has evolved into a global industry, transcending its origins as a subject for storytelling.

In Sri Lanka, the music industry is brimming with opportunities. The Ashanthi School of Music provides a platform for young talents to receive training and showcase their skills. The country boasts untapped potential, evident from the abundance of musical talent shows emerging within the entertainment sector. This is an exhilarating time for the music industry.

Spotlight Concert at Bishop’s College Auditorium

Recently, the Ashanthi School of Music held its Spotlight Concert at the Bishop’s College Auditorium. The event featured scintillating performances by students, teachers, industry veterans, and other artists. The repertoire included popular songs such as Ganga Addara, Hitha Hiriwetunado, IKO IKO, Dance Monkey, Un Poco loco, Na na ne na, Hoiya Hoiya, Lullaby of Broadway, Something just like this, Believer, Never Enough, A Million Dreams, Namal Mitak, Mal Madahasa, Thriller, Rolling in the deep, Valerie, I wanna dance with somebody, Unstoppable, Family Madrigal, Like a river, and Ain’t no mountain. These performances thoroughly entertained the audience, creating a memorable and unforgettable event.

Enthralling performance

The concert was a dazzling spectacle, featuring electrifying performances that had the crowd thoroughly entertained. In fact, one enthusiastic member of the audience couldn’t resist the urge to get up and dance! Bathiya Jayakody and Randhir Witana, renowned figures in the Sri Lankan music industry, also graced the stage with their captivating performances. The inclusion of the exceptionally talented musician, Ashanya Premadasa, proved to be a brilliant decision, as her performance added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Not only were the students of the Ashanthi School of Music exceptional performers, but the teachers, including Dilki De Bond, Minoli Dharmajeewa, and Kavindi Kulasena, also contributed with their talents, adding a dynamic element to the concert. The students surpassed expectations with their outstanding performances, clearly displaying their hard work, commitment, and dedication. Their passion for music was palpable. Their collective effort as a team was crucial for the success of the event, showcasing excellent coordination, harmony, and efficiency.

Witnessing the performances of the young ones was truly comforting and encouraging. These children represent the future of music in Sri Lanka. Over the past few years, the country has experienced significant growth in musical talent shows, such as The Voice Sri Lanka, some of which feature even younger participants. At the Spotlight concert, nearly 100 children showcased their skills, undoubtedly laying a solid foundation for the next generation of musical talent in the country.

Herculean effort

Organising a concert with such a large number of performers, ranging from ages 3 to 30, was no small feat. I am really proud of all the young stars at Ashanthi’s School of Music, said Ashanthi. The kids rehearsed for a mere two months to prepare for this concert, learning new repertoire with choreography, stage performance, and harmonies. It was an intensive process, but they cherished every minute of it. The teachers, too, were delighted. The concert itself showcased the exceptional production quality we were able to achieve. It was undoubtedly a team effort, and ASM plans to continue this annual concert series, ‘Spotlight,’ to raise the standard of music education in Sri Lanka and add value to the music industry, encouraging young stars to find their voice in the entertainment industry, as we have been doing for years.

Presenter Stephanie Siriwardhana did a terrific job, effectively maintaining the energy level throughout the event. The crowd also actively engaged with the performers, at one point using the torchlight on their mobile phones, creating a mesmerizing display resembling fireflies in the auditorium.

Events like this instill a great deal of confidence in these young performers. Regardless of whether they pursue music as a career path or not, they will have learned invaluable lessons from this experience. They will have learned the importance of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice. They will have realized the concept of reaping what you sow. That day at the Bishop’s College Auditorium, all their hard work paid off, making their journey truly unforgettable.

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