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New Bill to confirm religious freedom, thwart insults on social media

Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs Minister Vidura Wickremanayake said that his Ministry will take the responsibility of completely eliminating the harmful acts against all religions including Buddhism and will work to bring a new Act for that purpose. The minister said that the Bill will be brought to confirm religious freedom and prevent the distortion of religions and said  that in a week or two the approval of the Cabinet will be obtained for preparing the Bill.

“It is now possible to publish anything through social media networks.TikTok advertises various things. Recently, we saw a statement made by a woman in a way that belittles Buddhism. She has been arrested now,” he said.

The Minister said that such wrongdoings should be eradicated completely. “Our ministry accepts the responsibility of implementing a programme to eliminate such actions,” he added.

Commenting on the recent incidents of insulting statements against Buddhism, Buddha Sasana, Secretary of the Ministry of Religious and Cultural Affairs Somarathne Vidanapathirana stated that all religious leaders should work together to prevent actions of insulting religious beliefs.

The secretary said that the expression of distorted ideas has caused many problems and the ministry is preparing a programme to prevent actions which may be detrimental to religious harmony.


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