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Buddhist awakening celebrated around country this Poson

Spiritual fervour engulfed the nation as it commemorates another Poson Full Moon Poya day marking the arrival of Arahat Mahinda Thera to Sri Lanka and the establishment of the Buddha Order in the country.

The Poson Full Moon Poya day marks the establishment of Buddhist civilization in the country. The preaching of the Chullahatthipadopama Sutra to about 40,000 people, including King Devanampiyathissa

and the preaching of the Samachittapariya Sutra to God also took place on this day. Under the guidance of Arhat Mahinda Thera, the king and the people of Lanka became Buddhists.

When the Buddha became enlightened and meditated on the Dhamma in the fourth week while sitting in Ruwangei, the Buddha’s body spread a shroud for the first time on a full moon day like this. The third Dharma Sanghayana was also held on the Poson Poya day. The mission led by Arhat Mahinda Thera brought Buddhism to Lanka n the 236th year after the Parinibbanaya of the Buddha, on a Poson full moon day, It is considered that pure Buddhism has been established in the country since then. It was a day a new Buddhist awakening as well as a social and spiritual revolution also took place.

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