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Flash floods alert in Matugama - Kalawana road areas

Two sluice gates of Kukule Ganga reservoir opened:

Assistant Director of the Kalutara Disaster Management Unit, Colonel A. Amarasekera yesterday requested the public in areas in the Kalutara district which are prone

to floods to be on alert as such areas may experience flash floods.

He added that two sluice gates of the Kukule Ganga reservoir were opened by 9.30 am yesterday (2) and a water capacity of 150 cubic meters per second will be released into the Kuda Ganga, so residents in downstream should be very vigilant.

A number of roads in the district were inundated due to the torrential rain experienced yesterday (2). As a result the traffic on a number of roads were disrupted.The Matugama-Kalawana Road, the Badureliya - Hedigalla Road in the Palinda Nuwara Divisional Secretariat Division were inundated and travel was interrupted as well. Bulathsinhala - Agalawatta Weyangalla Road, Bulathsinhala P.S. Junction, Bulathsinhala - Molkawa road, Avittawa-Walallavita road and several other roads were affected due to floods causing interruption to travel in these areas.

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