Over 1,100 illegal firearms seized last three years - Minister | Daily News

Over 1,100 illegal firearms seized last three years - Minister

Public Security Minister Tiran Alles told Parliament yesterday that 1,163 illegal firearms have been seized by the Special Task Force during the last three years. He said that among those firearms there are T-56, pistols, and revolvers.

The Minister stated this while answering an oral question raised by SLPP MP Sanjeeva Edirimanna.

He said that 14,192 public security committees have been established in 14,022 Grama Niladhari divisions and 5,625 police officers have been employed full-time as conveners of those Committees.

Even though the thirty years war has been ended, firearms still discover in the Southern Province. Firearms are also smuggled with drugs through the sea. But we have investigated those incidents and arrested responsible people.

The members of the Special Task Force were not inside the airport at the time of the incident Ven. Ajan Brahmawansa Thera occurred. They don’t even go to VIP terminals. They were sitting outside until a certain VIP left the country.




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