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Malinga to support little ‘Malinga’

A nine-year-old cricket player, Deneth Anuhas from Weeravila village having similar bowling action of Sri Lanka fast bowling legend Lasith Malinga became very popular in social media after his bowling action video went viral on social media last week. Malinga is very keen to meet this young boy.

The young Deneth Anuhas said I like to see Lasith Malinga (Malinga mama). I like to learn how to bowl from Malinga and very keen to play hard ball cricket.

“Presently my school does not play hard ball cricket. We have lack of facilities in our school as a rural school. My aim is to play for National team and give full support to my family which have more difficulties now”.

Lasith Malinga himself has shared this vidio to find this lad. Malinga who is based in Australia Melbourne said I wanted to meet this young boy and we found him thanks to Sri Lanka private TV channel and I already have chat with this boy and his parents. Presently this boy have no chance to play for his school and playing in a small ground near his house. My first job is to find this boy a cricket playing school. I saw his bowling action but that is not similar action of mine. Most of the people described that is my similer action but Deneth Anuhas has his own bowling action which is very good. My plan is to give him a chance to attend Debarawewa Central (close to his home) where former National paceman Suranga Lakmal started his career and like to see his progress, said Lasith Malinga.

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