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Rajanganaye Saddharathana Thera further remanded till 21

CID says Thera had Rs. 60 Mn in several accounts:

Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage ordered yesterday (7) that Rajanganaye Saddharathana Thera, who was arrested and brought to court and subsequently remanded in custody for making statements that disturb religious harmony and coexistence, be remanded further until June 21.

The Criminal Investigation Department informed court that more than Rs.60 mn has been received in the account of the suspect monk on several occasions and investigations are being carried out in this regard.

The Criminal Investigation Department also told the court that they had recorded statements from the directors of the Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim Religious Affairs Departments regarding

the statements made by the suspect monk and how they would affect those adherents and

that investigations would be conducted in that regard.

Attorney Amila Egodamahawatta, who appeared for the suspect, said here that his client has built buildings such as an alms hall, Buddha shrine, a day care center, Dhamma school in the temple on a one-and-a-half-acre land, and informed court that a donor from England has sent money for this from time to time. It is said that 346 children of this kindergarten are being provided with

lunch and if there is a death in the area, Rs.70,000 will be given and stated that even Muslims are helped. The lawyer also informed the court that 50 percent of the responses to the video released by these owners have used the words ‘Theruwan Saranai’.

When the Criminal Investigation Department informed the court that there are more cases against the suspect, the lawyer who appeared for him said that there is a case regarding an

incident that occurred during the construction of a church near the Sorabora Lake.

The magistrate ordered that written statements be filed on behalf of the suspected owners before June 14 and objections be filed before June 21.The monk was arrested in Shravasthipura, Anuradhapura.

Rajangane Saddharathana Thera was been arrested in connection with investigations carried out based on a complaint made by Pahiyangala Ananda Sagara Thera about statements that had been

made by the monk harmful to religious harmony and reconciliation.

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