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Woman bites SI’s hand to save arrested husband in Warakapola

An incident is reported from the Warakapola Police division where a wife who came to the station

to rescue a racketeer who was arrested while transporting a load of illegally produced

liquor in a three-wheeler, had got involved in a clash with police officers and had fled after biting the hand of a Sub-Inspector.

A special police team led by a sub-inspector of the Kegalle division anti-corruption unit had arrived on Tuesday (6) in the Warakapola Delgamuwa area to conduct a raid based on

information received about an illegal liquor trade that had been going on secretly for sometime.

The police officers had laid in wait and checked a suspicious three-wheeler at the B33 Kanda area on the Delgamuwa road. At that time, 44 bottles of illicit liquor had been found hidden in the three-wheeler. Accordingly, police officers had prepared to arrest the driver of the three- wheeler. Police said that this person had shouted in protest at the police officers.

Police said that the residence of this person is located nearby. His wife had reached the spot hearing his screams. There, she had clashed with the police officers and had bit the sub-inspector’s hand asking them to release her husband, the police said. A senior police officer said that she had tried to free her husband by biting the sub-inspector’s hand but her efforts had been in vain since the police officers had handcuffed the suspect and kept him in custody without allowing him to escape.

When this woman was about to be arrested, she had run away. Her arrested husband has been handed over to the Warakapola police along with the 44 bottles of alcohol and the three-wheeler. The sub-inspector, who was bitten was admitted to the Kegalle hospital for treatment.

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