Pope Francis to have abdominal surgery | Daily News

Pope Francis to have abdominal surgery

Pope Francis will have surgery on his abdomen and remain in a Rome hospital for several days, the Vatican said Wednesday,

sparking renewed fears over the 86-year-old’s fragile health.

The pope was forced to cancel several work commitments in late May after he was debilitated by a fever. He was also hospitalized in March for bronchitis but responded well to antibiotics. Leaving hospital on that occasion, Francis joked that he’s “still alive.”

Technically called a laparotomy, Wednesday’s procedure involves general anesthesia and is intended to repair a hernia that the Vatican said was causing “recurrent, painful and worsening” symptoms. According to medical sources, the intervention is likely related to the surgery Francis experienced in 2021 to remove half of his colon. The Vatican spokesman, Matteo Bruni, added the pope was expected to make a “full functional recovery.”

Francis left for hospital on Wednesday after his general audience at St.Peter’s Square, where he stopped to chat with members of the crowd, Reuters reported.


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