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Grass cutter arrested over child’s death in Mulleriyawa

A boy was found in a pool of blood when her mother returned home after work in the the Mulleriyawa Police area.It is reported that the boy’s mother had left her child at his grandfather’s place of work for safety.

Mulleriyawa police arrested the grass cutter over the death of the child.

It has been revealed that the child was cut in the abdomen by a grass cutting machine and died without proper treatment.The suspect has concealed the real cause for the death. He had place piece of glass bottle near the body to convince that the death was due to an injury to the leg caused by a bottle shell.

This incident had happened on Thursday 8. A boy aged five years and six months, named Jonathan Mark Fonseka was found dead with cut injuries.

On the day of the incident, as usual, the mother who resides in Malabe Bathalawatte had taken the child to Malabe Halbarawa where his grandfather was residing in a room at his work place to keep him safe and gone to work since her husband had left her.

However, since the grandfather had to attend a funeral of a relative, the mother had left the child with a fellow employee of the work place and left for work. The child who had been left alone had sneaked out. Based on a phone call and information received on the police emergency number 119, officers of the Mulleriyawa Police had taken action and found the child lying in a pool of blood at a work site in Mulleriyawa.

When the police arrived at the site, a 1990 Suwa Seriya ambulance had come there and they had stated that the child was already dead. Accordingly, the Magistrate of Hulftsdorp Court No. 5 who arrived at the scene together with the Judicial Medical Officer Channa Perera of the IDH hospital had carried out an at the scene investigation.

Further investigations are being carried out by Sub Inspector Soysa, P.C. 96926 Senarath, P.C. 101633 Eranga and P.C. 102000 Vijaya Bandara based on the instructions of Chief Inspector of the Mulleriyawa Police A.G. S. Susantha’s instructions.


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