Three Doctors keep away from LRH’s Ward 8 over specialist’s conduct | Daily News

Three Doctors keep away from LRH’s Ward 8 over specialist’s conduct

A Senior Official of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children said that an investigation is being conducted at the Health Ministry level regarding the non-attendance of three doctors working in Ward 8 for the last nine days allegedly over the conduct of a specialist doctor in the same ward at the Hospital.

According to the instructions of the Children’s Hospital Government Medical Officers’ Association branch, these three doctors have not reported in the ward since June 21, and an investigation is being conducted regarding the non-attendance of the three doctors despite being informed to report to work.

He said that it is unacceptable that the three doctors did not report to the ward since patients were being prejudiced by their non-attendance. He also stated that if the Government Medical Officers’ Association branch had taken professional action without advising the doctors to leave the service, the inconvenience caused to the patients could have been minimized to some extent. However, he said that despite the fact that the Ministry has been informed about the conduct of the specialist doctor for two years, it is a problem as to why no investigation has not been carried out against her and no solution has been given so far.

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