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PUCSL approves overall 14.2% electricity tariff reduction

* Those between 0 to 30 units will get a 65% tariff reduction
* Those between 31 to 60 units get a 51.5% tariff reduction
* Consumers between 61 to 90 units get a 24.5% tariff reduction

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) yesterday approved an overall 14.2 percent electricity tariff reduction with more focus on relieving the burden of lower electricity users with effective from today.

Accordingly, consumers using electricity units between 0 to 30 will gets a 65 percent tariff reduction while consumers in the 31 to 60 category will receive 51.5 per cent reduction.

A 16 percent reduction of electricity tariff on religious places has also been approved while the government institutions will receive a 0.8 percent reduction in their electricity bills. A reduction of 24.5 percent has been approved for the consumers whose usage is between 61 to 90.

The Commission has also directed the Ceylon Electricity Board and the LECO to ensure that the residents in condominiums are billed according to their respective tariff categories.

The Commission has also approved the 26.3 percent reduction on the Hotel sector, 9 percent on the industry sector and 5 per cent on Commercial buildings. Analysts says this reduction will help boost the tourism and industrial sector.

The CEB and the LECO have also been directed to bill the Local Government authority concerned and the Road Development Authority for consumption of electricity for street lights too. It has directed the CEB and the LECO to invest the security deposits obtained from the consumers and interest be paid out of the return on the investment. The Commission has directed that interest on any security deposit obtained for the supply of electricity shall be paid or deducted from the monthly bill of all consumers.

The PUCSL has also directed to execute fuel supply agreements with Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Lanka Coal Company and establish Power Purchase Agreements between CEB transmission and CEB generation plants, Power Sales Agreements between Distribution Licensees and CEB Transmission Licencee.

The CEB has also been directed to settle all outstanding payments to Renewable Energy based electricity generators (including small scale roof top solar) immediately.

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