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Fake shooting: Director, three remanded till July 19

Colombo Additional Magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya yesterday (5) ordered that the company director, his driver, security officer and the ex-serviceman who accepted

 the contract, who allegedly shot at the gate of his house and filed a false complaint with the police accusing another party be remanded until July 19.

The magistrate stated that they have committed an offense punishable by life imprisonment and remanded the suspects, noting that the police have presented facts to satisfy the court regarding the charges, such as the delay in providing the CCTV footage related to the incident to the police, and misplacing the bullets.

South Division Criminal Investigation Unit Inspector of Police Ajith Kumara while submitting facts to the court stated that on June 22, the complainant had shot at his gate and made a complaint to the police and accused several other company directors.

While the mother and father of the complainant were engaged in their duties at home as usual, the complainant had seemed to be fearful and the suspect had delayed giving the CCTV footage to the police until 4 pm on the day of the incident.

After observing the CCTV footage, it was revealed that the footage had been altered, the police said, adding that there was no sign of the 30 bullets used in the shooting.

He is the plaintiff as well as the accused in this unusual incident, and after going through a lot of trouble, according to the phone analysis reports, the 3rd and 4th suspects were arrested and based on their statements, the police said that they arrested the first and second suspects. To confirm the offense, the DVR of the CCTV camera, 64 bullets, two magazines and the clothes had been seized by the police to be submitted as case exhibits.

The police objected to granting bail to the suspects, and told the court that facts had been revealed that the first defendant had handed over this contract to his security officer six months ago, and he had been threatened that if it was not done, he would not be allowed to go to his daughter’s graduation ceremony, and the police told the court further that if bail is granted in such a situation, the suspect could influence the evidence.

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