Jaffna bus set on fire by owner to cash in on Rs. 30 Mn insurance | Daily News

Jaffna bus set on fire by owner to cash in on Rs. 30 Mn insurance

Information has been revealed that a luxury bus that was running from Jaffna to Colombo caught fire on June 30 and was completely destroyed due to a plan taken by its owner to obtain the insurance cover of thirty million rupees for the bus.

A few days before this bus caught fire, when the bus arrived from Colombo to Jaffna, it was left in a garage located at Iluppayadi junction in Jaffna and there was evidence that valuable parts and equipment and some other tools had been removed from it. It has now been revealed that all those parts that were removed had been put in a storage room in the garage, closed and locked, and an additional tool had been attached to the bus so that the engine was set to catch fire as soon as it overheated.

Many people told the police that the bus that caught fire was travelling from Jaffna to Madurankuliya, Puttalam, and when the bus was halted to have tea in Puttalam, there was no fault in it at all.

In an investigation conducted by the police and motor vehicle inspectors information had been revealed that the bus was deliberately set on fire in order to obtain the insurance of thirty million rupees for which the bus had been insured.The investigations into the fire of this bus has not yet been completed and they are still ongoing.

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