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Stern warning to curfew violators

More than 12,000 in custody for defying curfew
Online rumor mongers face arrest
No lockdown of entire country

DIG Ajith Rohana issued a stern warning to curfew violators that those travelling during the curfew without valid reasons and documents and congregating at various places will be arrested on the spot. They would not be given bail and would be produced in Court.

The DIG especially noted that in the restricted areas of Beruwala, Atalugama and Akurana areas, if anyone is found travelling even on byroads, they would be arrested.

He made this statement in the light of reports that 12,465 persons have been arrested for violation of the curfew up to now. During the 24-hour period ending at 6.00 am on April 5, 1,500 curfew violators have been arrested. Since the imposition of the curfew on the 19th of March, over 3,100 vehicles had also been seized. These vehicles will not be handed over to the registered owners until the country returns to normal and may be used by the authorities for quarantine and other official purposes in the meantime.

He added that the highest number of COVID-19 patients is reported from the Gampaha district and coincidentally, the highest number of arrests is also from the same district. Accordingly, 871 persons have been arrested from Gampaha, 645 from Anuradhapura, 619 from Negombo, 520 from Kelaniya and 493 from Puttalam and the law will be strictly enforced in these and other areas, the DIG said.

“Some districts and areas will see a relaxation of the curfew for around eight hours today (6). But the Police have the power to arrest any individuals even during this period if their behavior endangers public health and safety,” he added. He urged the public to adhere to proper social distancing and other health guidelines during this window.

Meanwhile, the CID has commenced investigations into rumours being spread of a complete lockdown of the country and on the funerals of individuals who had died due to COVID-19, the DIG said.

He said false information claiming that a complete lockdown will come into effect from 10-15 April, delivery services of essential goods will be halted and all stores distributing essential goods would remain closed during this period, were being spread via videos and posts on social media.

DIG Ajith Rohana pointed out that official news with regard to COVID- 19 will be issued to the media only through the President’s Media Division (PMD), Ministry of Health, Government Information Department, Ministry of Defence, Sri Lanka Army and the Police Department.

The Government has also declared a Work From Home week from April 6 to 10. All essential services will continue uninterrupted.   


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