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Violators of quarantine regulations warned

The Health Services Director General has authorised the Acting IGP to order the arrest of anyone violating the quarantine regulations during the periods the curfew has been lifted, said DIG Ajith Rohana. 

Addressing the daily Vovid-19 Task Force media briefing at the Government Information Department,  DIG Ajith Rohana said the public cannot loiter around as they please even when the curfew is lifted. He pointed out that it is vital to maintain social distancing during periods where the curfew has been lifted.

“In some areas the curfew has already been lifted and other areas the curfew is still in force. However, the SLTB and other private buss owners and drivers and conductors should adhere to the regulations and not carry over 50 percent of passengers. In the passengers are rushing into their busses and they feel it is over half their capacity, they should refuse to board them and make them take the next bus. This is your responsibility to society. Further, employers should also make note to only get the employees whose services are vital at the offices to attend office while wherever possible employees could work from home. In every instance the Police, PHI and health authorities visit your offices or factories, I urge the authorities of these offices to cooperate with them and adhere to their instructions.”

The DIG also urged all offices and factories to have thermometers available at their offices or business premises and conduct periodical temperature checks on their employees and report to the police or health authorities in the event anyone is found to be running a temperature. “I expect the employers of the offices and business establishments to carry out these instructions to the letter once the curfew is lifted. Also I urge only the recommended number of passengers to be taken in busses and other public transport.”

He said that road blocks will be set up country-wide to check passengers and there are 944 check points established in the relevant police divisions.  Further, in order to protect district borders 262 check points have been established. However, the DIG advised the public to refrain from travelling between districts unless it is vital. He noted that the police are empowered to take action against anyone who fails to follow the instructions and guidelines of the Health Authorities. He said so far since the implementation of the curfew 36,115 curfew violators had been arrested 10,000 vehicles had been taken into police custody. 


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