Lanka’s post COVID-19 economy will boost with FDI influx - Bandula | Daily News

Lanka’s post COVID-19 economy will boost with FDI influx - Bandula

Minister, Dr. Bandula Gunawardena  Picture by Sudath Malaweera
Minister, Dr. Bandula Gunawardena Picture by Sudath Malaweera

Sri Lanka’s post covid-19 economy will receive a major boost from foreign direct investments (FDI) due to the way the government controlled the covid-19 situation, Minister of Information & Communications Technology, Higher Education, Technology and Innovations, Dr. Bandula Gunawardena said.

In an interview with ‘Daily News Finance’ he said that even the projects like Colombo Port City and mega apartment projects will receive a keen interest from the foreign buyers and investors.

Most of the affected and deaths from corona virus were senior citizens in Europe. This proves the medical system in those countries were not geared to tackle issues of this nature and in contract Sri Lanka has provided its medical care is above worked class. Sri Lanka had only 9 deaths from nearly 900 patients and this is a remarkable success and this speaks volumes of Sri Lanka’s medical capabilities.

“This will provide a sense of health security for senior citizens who will be keen to spend rest of their lives in Sri Lanka opening up new vistas in elderly care segment in Sri Lanka.”

The term ‘Make Sri Lanka Your Home’ and not ‘second home’ will now have a more secure and realistic meaning. We even expect most of the diaspora to return and settle down in Sri Lanka and start business in the island”

Today most of the Sri Lankan students residing overseas are returning. “I am now talking to some of the world’s leading Universities to open their Universities in Sri Lanka so that this student migration with reverse and also attract students from the region to come and study in these universities.”

The Minister said that already several international universities are talking to him in this regard.

The government has already allocated a special dedicated Higher Education dedicated zone in Gampaha to accommodate foreign universities. “They will be given all facilities and tax concessions.”

This intern will open up a new supply chain.

Dr. Gunawardane said that he also expects many multinational companies to open their regional offices in Sri Lanka due to the health safety factor and also security aspect. In addition the Political stability and also media freedom are some other plus points for investors.

He said that Sri Lanka was in par with Israel which has the most sophisticated intelligence agencies in the world to successfully track and treat clusters of Corona virus patients.

The innovative skills of Sri Lankans were also highlighted during this crisis and several patented medical robots and protective gear were created. “Inventers must now try to market them globally and government will egg them to with assistance.” 

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