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Opening Yan Oya Project delayed; families await compensation

The Yan Oya Reservoir Project in the Anuradhapura District has not been commissioned yet although it has been completed two years ago.

The Chinese CAMCE Company had completed the project, which contains 1,49000 sere feet of water and the 18km long left bank canal, which carries Yan Oya water to Padaviya.

Three years ago, the Irrigation Department constructed the left bank canal. A 2.5 mm long dam was built across the Yan Oya River near the historic Wahalkada for the project. The Government has spent Rs. 36,000 million to complete the reservoir - the largest water source in the Anuradhapura District.

Reportedly, the project has not been opened yet since the payment of compensation has not been settled yet for 3,606 families who lost their properties for the project.

According to the Anuradhapura District Agriculture Committee, 4,373 acres have been acquired from the Horrowpothana and Gomarakadawala DS Divisions for the project.

Only 2,315 families have been given compensation so far while 1,283 families are waiting for compensation.

Over Rs.5,344 million has to be paid as compensation and only Rs.2,450 million has been settled so far, sources said