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All-in-one interactive flat panel smartboards from Singer

Singer (Sri Lanka), a premier consumer durables retailer recently launched a range of Interactive Flat panel Smartboards to transform the educational experience and cater to the rising needs of remote learning and business purposes.

Singer currently showcases a range of Smartboards from the world’s leading technology solutions providers such as Singer and Skyworth. These Smartboards are designed as all-in-one solutions that integrate the features of a Computer, TV, Projector and whiteboard.

Industry-leading, multi-functional Smartboards are an ideal alternative for today’s shift to interactive learning. Built to last and designed to meet the modern requirements of any learning environment, the Smartboards provide simplicity and support for the host to seamlessly engage with the audience while also making the learning experience more meaningful and interesting.

Being capable of using both a computer and a projector and being highly portable, Smartboards have become the world’s most sought-after teaching resource at present.

Available in three different sizes, 55, 65, 75-inches and with the option of choosing from either Android or Windows 10 operating systems, the Smartboard range from Singer provides a host of benefits such as the ability to do interactive presentations, write notes with a whiteboard kind of experience, play videos, mirror the screen and more.

Commenting on the launched Smartboards, Singer Group CEO Mahesh Wijewardene said, “We are delighted to bring world’s leading Smartboard technology to Sri Lanka in our efforts to help digitalization initiatives which is the need of the hour. At a time when there is a focus on Smart Classroom concept with the COVID-19 pandemic, Smartboards are the next step forward in the digital transformation of education.”

The project expects to improve English education among school children with due support from the Ministry of Education. As part of the project, a Smartboard will be provided for each school to create around 10,000 Smart Classrooms in Sri Lanka.

Singer also announces that special deals are on offer for schools and other educational institutes when purchasing Smartboards, free accessories such as a wall bracket and two touch pens.


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