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Uswatte Confectioneries introduces ‘Manna’

Asia’s first 9 Grain, multi-layer nutritional cracker
Uswatte Confectionery Works at Bandaragama
Uswatte Confectionery Works at Bandaragama

Creating a unique landmark in the global biscuit industry Uswatte Confectioneries introduced the world’s first nine layer nutrition grain cracker, ‘Manna’ to the market.

Two unique features of this product in addition to its health benefit is that the total Research and Development has been done locally and 90% raw material too are sourced from Sri Lanka. ‘Manna’ is made with 9 grains which contain high nutritional value.

Chairman/Managing Director at Uswatte Confectionery Works Pvt Ltd. Quintus Perera said that the product would be available in local stores from August and they have plans to export the product to Europe, USA, and their overseas makers and India as well.

“Due to the nutritional value of this we also hope to take this product to the African market and some of the undernourished countries as a few biscuits could offer daily nutrition for a human. We name the product “MANNA” as the meaning of a food product, gifted from god.”

He said that the idea of this ground breaking product came to him when he started chatting to a CEO of a leading Indian airline while waiting for a flight in China. “When he found out I was in the confectionery business he said there was a huge demand for a product of this nature and though numerous requests were made to leading Indian biscuit manufacturers to get a product like this on board he failed.”

“I now hope to contact this CEO and firstly introduce ‘Manna’ to their airline and then to the Indian mass market.”

Quintus Perera said that this is a product created not to earn profits.

“We will divert 90% of the profit to power many of our ongoing CSR projects.” With mass production of this product and exports the local farmer too will get a better price for their gram.

He said that Different types of grains included in the product are, Wheat (High in nutrients and fiber and decreased risk of heart disease) Green gram (one of the best plant-based sources of protein) Malt (High in fiber and decrease the risk of cardiac disease) Cowpea (Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels) Millet (an important mineral for reducing blood pressure and may help reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke) Barley (prevents bone disorders and lowers cholesterol) Corn (boasts a number of vitamins) Red Rice (Benefits for Weight Loss and Boosts immune system) and Kurakkan (Helps in Controlling Diabetes).

“MANNA” is produced with the combination of these super healthy ingredients that give your body a powerful dose of tasty wholesome nutrition. Loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, these crackers are healthier and better alternatives to regular biscuits and crackers and definitely can be consumed as an alternative breakfast diet.”

“We mill all the grain separately and lay them one on top of the other and make the cracker.”

“MANNA” is the only cracker with the highest percentage of fiber content in Sri Lanka at the moment.

This sugar free cracker does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or either any preservatives or MSG.

He said that they currently have one pack suitable for a family and would soon introduce a mini pack as well.

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