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Canadian ‘Lankan Square’ website brings community together

Chanuka Wijesundara and Kamaj Silva
Chanuka Wijesundara and Kamaj Silva

The Lankan Square website was launched with the long-term goal of bringing together Sri Lankans living in Canada and building a better relationship among them.

Founded by two entrepreneurs in Canada Chanuka Wijesundara and Kamaj Silva, Lankan Square is ready to enhance economic, cultural, educational and recreational cooperation among the many Sri Lankans living in Canada. Accordingly, acts as a one-stop shop for all Sri Lankans in Canada to access information on businesses, religious events, concerts, festivals, seminars, workshops, etc.

In the past, Sri Lankan groups scattered across Canada organized various activities, but there was minimal awareness and publicity about them. Furthermore, a website called was also created to publish artistic and educational information, where tickets for programs organized by Sri Lankans can be purchased online.

“Nothing is impossible when there is unity and awareness among any community. In a very short time, we received a great response,” said Chanuka Wijesundara.

“Sri Lankans in Canada are involved in a variety of businesses. The main objective is to create relationships between Sri Lankans by educating them about these businesses. I warmly request Sri Lankans to join Lankan Square to carry the Sri Lankan name forward in the world,” said Kamaj Silva. Lankan Square is ready to extend this concept to other countries where Sri Lankans live and make a huge impact.


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