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Flash Health Company launches ‘Heart2Heart’ platform

Sri Lanka is facing one of the biggest economical crises ever and with the motive of strengthening the good health of Sri Lankans, Flash Health Company has stepped forward to initiate a support platform to provide medicines for the needy, free of charge. Through this ‘Heart2Heart’ platform individuals can either donate medicine or cash donations to it and less privileged persons that are looking into buying medicine can obtain them ‘free’ through this platform.

“Falling ill at the present time has become extremely problematic due to fuel crisis as many have to go through a huge hassle to go to a hospital on time and even if the transportation requirement is fulfilled, finding the medication you need will not be as easy as before, even if you are the wealthiest person,” said mentor behind this project founder of Flash Health, Arshad Ameer. This is due to medical imports taking place at a slow rate and the prices of existing drugs sky-rocketing on a daily basis. “We strongly believe in the necessity of providing modern day medical solutions to the modern day problems. The objective of the Heart2Heart initiative is to ensure that all the issues faced by less privileged people across the country have a trusted platform to raise their medical needs (within a value of Rs.5, 000) while the donors too can contribute financially to finance this worthy cause.”

‘Heart2Heart’ platform will act as a bridge for anyone contributing to a life-saving medication by making donations and also people who are seeking to purchase medicine.

Joining with Heart2Heart movement can be done by visiting https://flash.health.


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