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Gang war takes another in Kelaniya

Police investigations have revealed that the killing of a person at the Pattiya junction area in Kelaniya on Wednesday was planned by an underworld gangster Makilangamuwe Sanjeeva.

 According to the Police, the deceased has been identified as a 39-year-old by the name of Ariff Mohammed Hussain, alias Aji a resident of the Welewatte area of Wellampitiya, also a criminal connected to the underworld.

Police said there is a pending court case against this person named Aji, for the murder of two individuals. Police have identified him as a member of a gang led by an organized underworld criminal Kudu Roshan in Mattakkuliya.

It is also revealed that Aji is the main suspect in the murder of Sajith Iroshan alias Anamalu Ranga, the brother-in-law of underworld figure Chuti Ukkung, who was the rival of the Kudu Roshan gang and Mohammad Ibrahim on August 15, 2019, at the Madampitiya cemetery.

The Police Special Task Force arrested four people including Aji with knives and swords that were used to kill two individuals within a few hours of the murders.

It has been revealed that he has been involved in drug trafficking after being released on bail. He was in custody for the double murder for many months.

The Police suspect that the killing of a person at Pattiya junction at Kelaniya took place as revenge for the killing of Anamalu Ranga. It has been found from the investigations that the deceased, was brought to Pattiya Junction after making a phone call and was shot dead. According to police, the gunmen had arrived on a scooter motorcycle and opened fire using a pistol at the victim who was walking on the road. Police have found that this murder was a planned murder. Four special police teams have been deployed to arrest the suspects involved in this shooting and the Police also suspect that the same shooters involved in the double murder at Mahara junction last March are involved in this murder. The Police also suspect that the underworld criminals Batuwatte Chamara and Lahiru, who are currently in Dubai, are also involved in this. A Senior Police officer said that these two underworld criminals are also with Makilangamuwe Sanjeewa at present.

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