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Law breakers will be brought to book - Defence Secretary

The people of the country have the right to protest in a democratic manner, however, the law will be strictly implemented against those who act aggressively, said Defence Secretary (Rtd.) Major General Kamal Gunaratne yesterday (26).

Gunaratne made this observation at a press brief held at the Department of Information.Gunaratne noted that some groups conducted protests violating the law and such persons will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

“Despite the criticism in this regard, the responsibility and duty of the Ministry of Defense and the Public Security Ministry is to create an environment where people can live freely,” Gunaratne said.

“If people are disturbed by such protests, the Security Forces will have to take necessary measures to prevent them,” he noted. Gunaratne also noted that Galle Face is no longer a place to hold protests as per the recent Extraordinary Gazette Notification on High Security Zones, thus it is not legal for anyone to protest at the site. Gunaratne also said that people are free to visit the site, the limitation is only for the protestors.

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