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Will never betray people’s mandate - Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said he would never work with the Rajapaksa family and betray the people’s mandate to seek political power. The Opposition Leader made this observation at a meeting held in Dehiaththakandiya yesterday (10).

Premadasa pointed out that Rwanda was in a worse situation than Sri Lanka due to war. However, it is now called the Singapore of the African Continent.

“The reason why Sri Lanka could not reach a position like that was because the Rajapaksa family used racism, religious animosity to do politics while thriving on corruption,” Premadasa alleged. Premadasa criticised the appointment of Namal Rajapaksa, who was a part of the Government that bankrupted the Sri Lankan economy, to be the Chairman of the Sub-Committee for the identification of priorities in short, medium and long term national policy formulation.

Premadasa also pointed out that a country and a nation proud of its history and heritage lost its self respect due to the actions of the Rajapaksa family and the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Government. The Opposition Leader noted that farmers, the fishing community, pregnant mothers and children have to undergo untold hardships as a result of the shortsightedness of the SLPP Government.

Premadasa also said that while the children of Parliamentarians study in the English medium equipped with the latest technology available, the children of poor families are not privy to the basic facilities to receive education. 

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