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Customs probe into milk powder company

The Imports and Exports Controller General has confirmed during the investigation that the Anods Cocoa Pvt. Ltd. has violated the relevant regulations when it imported milk powder, the Customs said in a press statement yesterday. 

Issuing a statement on holding back a consignment of 400 MT of imported milk powder by the above-mentioned private company, the Customs said it has commenced an investigation, as per the Customs Ordinance, to determine the legality of the importation and how the payment was made.

The Customs, denying all charges by Anods Cocoa (Pvt) Ltd Chairman Lukshman Weerasuriya, said those allegations were intended to disrupt the ongoing investigation.

Explaining the procedure for importation, the Customs said a Gazette Extraordinary published by the Finance Minister on June 5 banned imports under open accounts, but later, through another Gazette Extraordinary on June 24, the ban was relaxed to a certain extent for local industrialists with the intention of providing them a relief. The recommendation of the Industries Ministry Secretary and the approval of the Imports and Exports Controller General are necessary to obtain this relief and the relevant approvals should be obtained prior to importing goods.

Investigations are on to find out whether the milk powder company in question had misused the permission given to industrialists to import under open accounts.



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