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Sri Lanka Cricket clarifies

Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to state that Charith Senanayake was never appointed to function as the manager of the Sri Lanka 'A' Team during the upcoming England Lions Tour of Sri Lanka, nor is he working at Sri Lanka Cricket as an appointed manager of the 'A' Team on a permanent scale.

Sri Lanka Cricket has also not communicated with him about such an appointment, either in writing or verbally.

Sri Lanka Cricket has only appointed a team manager for the National Men’s Team on a permanent basis, while for the rest of the teams such as 'A' 'U19' and 'Development Squads' the team managers are appointed on a tour-by-tour basis by the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket under the nomination of the SLC’s operational management.

In the same procedure, it was not Senanayake who was appointed to the position of 'A' Team Manager of the upcoming 'England Lions Tour of Sri Lanka' but Vinothan John.

Vinothan John’s appointment as the 'Team Manager' of the Sri Lanka 'A' team to play against the visiting England Lions team was made by the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket on December 20, 2022.

(SLC media release)

Editor's note...

Although it was mentioned in the press release sent by the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), the staff list of the Sri Lanka 'A' team was presented during the England 'A' team's tour of Sri Lanka to the Executive Committee meeting of the Sri Lanka Cricket held on November 23, 2022, it should be recalled that the name of Charith Senanayake as the manager of the team is mentioned under the number one of that staff consisting of seven people.

Also, apart from the explanation regarding the appointment of Charith Senanayake, the press release issued by Sri Lanka Cricket did not mention the fact that 'criticism of a certain religious sect led to his removal' or that such religious sect will not be influenced.

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