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Dubai based gangster demands Rs.50 mn ransom

Acolytes shoot near supermarket in Katunayake:

The police have received information that an underworld criminal staying in Dubai is making phone calls to businessmen living in the vicinity of Katunayake and Minuwangoda, demanding ransom and spreading terror around the business community.

A senior police officer said that many of the businessmen do not file police complaints against him due to the fear for their lives.

The official said that this underworld criminal named Mahesh had made phone calls to the son of an owner of the Katunayake supermarket and demanded a ransom of Rs.50 million.

Due to non-payment of ransom, it is said that on Monday (09) two armed persons on a motorcycle came to the supermarket and shot in the air.

But the officer said that there was no complaint about it or empty ammunition casings were not found nearby.

The officer also stated that due to the fear that arose after the incident, the businessman had made a complaint to the police about the threat and the demand for money.

The officer said that the people who allegedly shot near the Katunayake business place then went to the house of a person engaged in a business of lending money in Minuwangoda and shot at his house with a T56 weapon at around 10 p.m.

The police also say that the doors and windows and a wall of the house were hit by bullets. The police investigations had revealed that the contract to kill a father and two sons in Minuwangoda was led by this criminal from Dubai.

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