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Ukraine plotting provocations to discredit Russia – Russian Defence Ministry

The Security Service of Ukraine is preparing to conduct a large-scale provocation in the coming days to discredit Russia’s actions in the framework of the “grain deal” and accusations of creating a ‘food shortage’ in Ukraine.  

In the village of Karaichnoye, Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian special service is mining a granary, after the explosion of which the Russian Federation will be accused of allegedly “intentionally destroying grain stocks in Ukraine”, “provoking hunger” and “disrupting”, thus, the “grain deal”.   

In the Western media, the incident will be presented as “another atrocity of the Russian troops”, requiring a “tough response from the world community”.  

To prepare a diversion, a group of Ukrainian mine-blasting specialists and SBU officers totalling up to 30 people arrived in the city of Volchansk, Kharkiv region.  

The owner of the granary is a freelance employee of the Security Service of Ukraine, V. Uvarov.   

There is also known data on the head of the group A. Tkachuk and all its other members, as well as their current location – in the military enlistment office of the city of Volchansk.  

Against the background of the military failures of the Ukrainian Army and on the eve of the meeting of NATO defence ministers in Ramstein (Germany) today (20), this year, the Kiev authorities are trying to increase pressure on the public opinion of Western countries with such loud provocations in order to achieve new large-scale supplies of modern weapons and military equipment for the Armed Forces.  

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