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Fish seller robbed of gold chain

The Hambantota Harbour Police are on the lookout for a group of robbers who abducted and assaulted a fish seller (52) and robbed a gold chain worth about Rs 100,000 and a bracelet belonging to him.

The gang had abducted the fish seller telling him that they were from the police. 

A woman (39) who was having an extramarital affair with the fish seller had lodged a complaint with the police that the fish seller was abducted by a group of five including a police sergeant, who is currently interdicted. 

The fish seller had told the police that he was blindfolded, taken to a jungle on a motorcycle and assaulted. 

There had been a personal dispute between the fish seller and the interdicted policeman. However, police said the sergeant in question was at his home in Walasmulla at the time of the incident, and therefore his alleged involvement in the incident was not certain.        

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