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Strict tab on reckless private buses, route permits to be suspended

The route permits of private buses driven recklessly will be suspended for two years, Transport Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena said in Parliament yesterday (19). Reckless driving of private bus drivers is the reason for this decision, Dr. Gunawardena said. Damages are caused to CTB buses, which are a public property due to this type of competitive driving, it was noted.

“Due to the economic crisis and the pandemic, the demand for public transport has risen considerably,” Minister Gunawardena said.

“So far, around 4,700 buses have been deployed from 107 depots covering the entire country. Another 1,000 buses are scheduled to be added to the service in February on the occasion of the upcoming 75th Independence Day. 1,617 buses have been deployed for the ‘Sisu Seriya’. At a time when transport services have been provided to the people at their best, attacks by private bus drivers on SLTB bus drivers have increased,” Dr. Gunawardena noted.

Dr. Gunawardena noted that the government has requested the IGP to take strict measures against those who damage public property.

He also mentioned that SLTB employees are requested to make direct complaints regarding the harassments and the police is expected to perform their duties properly in this regard. Dr. Gunawardena also said that the government has allocated two million rupees to enhance the service provided by the SLTB for 2023. Dr. Gunawardena revealed that some private buses that are in service only for profit have frequent conflicts with the employees of the Sri Lanka Transport Board and the situation is gradually developing and this situation has been observed in the end of 2022 and the first two weeks of 2023.

There have been reports of tragic results due to such assaulting, for example, amputation of limbs of the drivers and conductors, loss of sight due to beatings on the face. On June 5, 2015, H.H. Priyadarshana, the conductor of Kataragama Depot was attacked and he succumbed to injuries.

According to the data presented, it is observed that the number of drivers, conductors who became disabled is gradually increasing and for this reason, the trade unions are concerned about the failure of the Sri Lanka Police to perform their duties on time, and they have taken strike action to draw the attention of the police, Dr. Gunawardena pointed out.

“Due to such circumstances, I request the Inspector General of Police to conduct a comprehensive investigations such harrasments and organized attacks.I expect that the proper duties will be performed regardless of any reason,” Dr. Gunawardena also noted.



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