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Majority of Government institutions function despite union action

Colombo National Hospital operational level around 80%
Almost 99% of the nurses reported for duty
CPC said over 300 bowsers with 6,600 liters of petrol, diesel prepared for distribution
Railways said 21 trains operated despite the trade union action
People’s Bank confirmed that 330 out of 352 branches were fully functional
Ports Authority said that majority of employees reported for duty but some did not work
Significant decrease in attendance of schoolchildren reported
BoC stated that the banking services of 265 branches were operational as usual
SLTB Chairman Alwis confirms all 107 depots operated. Out of eight unions seven fully cooperative excluding JVP Union
Airport sources said that the operations at the airports were also carried out as usual

Heads of government institutions yesterday said that they were able to provide services to the public without any disruption despite the strike launched by several trade unions yesterday (15) against the new policy.

They said that even though the people who were behind this strike tried to disrupt the work of the public sector by calling even trade unions to which the new tax rate is not applicable, so many trade unions stayed away from the strike activities and supported the managements of such   institutions in maintaining the public services.Colombo National Hospital Deputy Director Dr.Rukshan Bellana said that the operation level of the National Hospital was about 80%.

The Deputy Director stated that 99% of the nurses have reported for the duty and other departments except the Outdoor Patients Department were running normally.

Sri Lanka Transport Board Chairman Lalith De Alwis confirmed that all 107 depots are operating according to the regular timetable as of 11 a.m. today out of eight unions seven were fully cooperative excluding the JVP Union.

Daily activities of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Company were carried out as usual, its chairman M.U.Mohammad said.

He added that more than 300 bowsers with a capacity of 6,600 liters of petrol and diesel were prepared yesterday to distribute fuel stocks across the country as usual and there is no shortage of fuel in the country. The Railways Department had taken necessary measures to maintain the railway service continuously to continue the provision of essential services in the country uninterrupted.

Sri Lanka Railways General Manager W.D.Gunasinghe said 21 trains operated by 8 am yesterday morning for the convenience of passengers despite the trade union action.


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