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Opposition Leader says he stands with Ratnayake

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa asked everyone in Parliament yesterday (24) to defeat the resolution brought against the Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL)  by thinking of the 22 million people and children of this country.

He requested MPs of the government faction not to become part of this despicable act.

The Opposition Leader made these comments while speaking during the debate on the resolution of removing the Chairman of the PUCSL. He also said that Janaka Ratnayake and his family members had been banned from coming to view this debate. Speaking further he said:Today, during this debate we can decide whether this chairman acted as an outcast or as a Brahmin.

Also, whether the President or the Prime Minister becomes an outcast or the Brahmin or if it is the chairman of the PUCSL.We can consider the action and all of us can come to a conclusion,”he said.

“We stand for the fact that 300,000 students of this country were sitting for an examination and it was ordered to provide electricity 24 hours a day when they were engaged in that difficult task during that period and because they went to the human rights and appeals court. They are voting against this today because they stood for it despite fuel being available to provide a continuous electricity supply and hydroelectricity as well.

He has been accused of providing electricity to three hundred thousand students, and it has become a reason to remove him. What a disgraceful act is this? We strongly condemn it. This person is not important to us. However, we should consider whom he represented. Whether he will contest an election or not does not concern us,” he said.


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