Fuel quota increased from midnight May 30 | Daily News

Fuel quota increased from midnight May 30

Three wheelers to get 22 litres per week
Buses, lorries to get 125 litres per week
Cars increased by 10 litres to 40 per week

The existing weekly fuel quota provided to vehicles registered under the QR system of the National Fuel Pass will be increased from midnight of May 30, Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said.

Accordingly, under the weekly fuel quota; registered taxi three wheelers will receive 22 litres and other three wheelers 14 litres.

Besides, motorcycles will receive 14 litres, buses fuel quota will be increased to 125 litres, cars increased to 40 litres, land vehicles to 45 litres, and the fuel quota for lorries will increased to 125 litres, quadric cycle increased to 14 litres, special purpose vehicles quota increased to 45 litres and vans to 40 litres.

At the start under the QR code-based fuel distribution programme implemented countrywide from July 2022, three wheelers received 5 litres per week, motorcycles 4 litres, vans 20 litres, cars 20 litres, land vehicles 15 litres and lorries 50 litres.

With the previous fuel quota update on April 4 in light of Sinhala and Tamil New Year, three wheelers fuel quota under special category was increased to 15 litres per week and normal three wheelers increased to 8 litres from 5 litres. Motorcycles received to 7 litres an increase of 3 litres from 4, buses quota increased to 60 litres from 40, cars increased to 30 litres from 20, The fuel quota of land vehicles increased to 25 litres from 15, lorries received 75 litres from 50, quadric cycle fuel quota increased from 4 to 6 litres, special purpose vehicles received 30 litres from 20 and vans fuel quota increased to 30 litres from 20 litres.


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