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Plan to digitise the bus transportation in Sri Lanka

Cabinet Spokesman, Minister of Transport, Highways and Mass Media, Dr. Bandula Gunawardena said that within the next three months, the necessary program to digitize public transport will be prepared.

The minister stated this while attending the press conference to announce the cabinet decisions.

Minister further stated that it is regretful that despite technological advancements in the world, people still have trouble finding change to give for bus rides in Sri Lanka.

He said that, in other countries, everything is digitised. Buses don’t need conductors.

Buses operate based on a card system. Accordingly, he said that he hopes to carry out public transport activities under digital technology in the future.

Minister also stated that proposals were called and received to digitise the transportation sector in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, 12 institutions have shown interest thus far.

However, he noted that some parties do not allow these development activities. In this time of crisis, if these activities are not allowed, they will be criticised before the parliament.

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