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Former PLOTE Leader Nedumaran sentenced to death over murder

Had shot dead a consultant:

Vavuniya High Court Judge M. Ilanchelian sentenced to death on June 8, S. Nedumaran, the former Leader of the PLOTE organization in Vavuniya, who was found guilty of shooting and killing the obstetrician and gynecologist of the Vavuniya General Hospital.

He had been shot with a pistol and killed near the gate of the hospital on April 20, 2000 when consultant Dr. Mohammed Sulthan Meera Mohideen had finished his duties at the Vavuniya General Hospital and was on his way home.

Giving evidence, owner of a private hospital in Vavuniya, former MP Dr. S. Sivamohan said that he had been working at the Vavuniya General Hospital at that time and the obstetrician who was shot had completed his work and had just left the hospital at about 6.30pm

when he was shot outside the door and killed. Police, who carried out investigations into the incident found four empty cartridges for a 9mm pistol, at the scene. Subsequently based on evidence, they had arrested the then leader of the PLOTE organization,Vavuniya, Nedumaran.

When he was searched, a 9mm pistol was found on his person and the Government Analyst in his report had said that the cartridges matched those found at the site of the murder. This case was taken up for hearing at the Vavuniya District Court and High Court based on scientific details and evidence of eye witnesses and the High Court Judge, issuing the final verdict, imposed the death penalty on former leader of the PLOTE organization.


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