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Peradeniya University opens for public on July 1

The management of the Peradeniya University has decided declare July 1 as an open day on the occasion of its 80th anniversary and allow public to the university.

This is the first time in history, that a university has declared an open day on behalf of the public. Accordingly, on the open day, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university Terrence Madujith said

that, the public can visit the university premises and see for themselves the study procedures as well as the environmental beauty.

It has been decided to open all faculties of the university from 9 am to 4 pm on July 1 to the public. The inaugural function on open day has been planned to be held at the ‘Sanathana Mandiraya’ and in the area where the Arts Faculty gallery is located in the university.

The Peradeniya University which is located in a very attractive environmental zone is among the 500 best universities according to international ratings.

An opportunity will be granted on ‘Open Day’ to see the university and to meet the university teaching staff and scholars and to work with them collectively as well as to gain an understanding of various divisions and ranges of education of various courses.

People who visit the university on this day will have the opportunity to tour the university. The administrative authorities have also decided to let people watch programmes of entertainment and enjoyment comprising of science exhibitions, and cultural events such as dancing and singing. An opportunity will also be granted to refer problems regarding higher education to scholars and to exchange ideas with them.

Those who visit the university on this open day will be able to obtain knowledge through analysis programmes, regarding special places connected to the arts as well as laboratory facilities, library facilities and other educational resources of the university.


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