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Check names in Electoral Register 2023 - EC

No filling of form needed, GN has full list

The Election Commission requests the public to ensure that their names are in the Electoral Register 2023.

If the respective Grama Niladhari has not come to the house to count the voters this year, the public is requested to contact the area Grama Niladhari officer immediately and make sure the inclusion of the names in the electoral register.

Persons who have attained 18 years and were born on or before January 31, 2005 are eligible to register as a voter in 2023 at their usual residential address.

A voter enumeration form (BC forms) pertaining to the revision of the Electoral Register for 2023 is not given to every household and the respective Grama Niladhari brings a list of names of voters to each household under the currently valid list and the head of the household or an elder must sign the list to confirm its accuracy. No other forms need to be completed if those named in the list are further residents at the same address.

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