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Youth designs agricultural drone

Sankalpa de Silva
Sankalpa de Silva

A youth named Sankalpa de Silva residing in the Polonnaruwa Mahaweli ‘B’ Zone in Dimbulagala has designed a drone that can spray insecticides and pesticides covering an area of 2.5 acres in 4 minutes, saving 60% of all insecticides and herbicides used for rice cultivation.

The youth has designed the drone that can spray liquid for all diseases affecting maize, coconut, cashew, sugarcane and other cultivations.

Since 2015, the agricultural drone, which has been created through various researches, has provided service to farmers by spraying insecticides and herbicides on nearly nine hundred acres across Sri Lanka.

Sankalpa de Silva said that farmers who spray liquid on paddy cultivations are completely protected by these insecticides and this is the largest drone in Sri Lanka.

He also added that by spraying insecticides and herbicides using this drone, farmers will save time, money and effort together with the possibility of saving 60% of the herbicides and insecticides used.


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