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Dengue cases topped 50,000 this year:

640 cases reported in first three days in July

The number of dengue cases diagnosed from all over the country from January exceeded 50,000 as of yesterday (4).

The National Dengue Control Unit states that 640 dengue cases have been reported in the last three days of this month alone. The unit said that since the beginning of this year, 9,916 cases have been reported and the highest number of cases were reported in June. Meanwhile, 31 dengue deaths have been reported since the beginning of this year.

43 dengue high-risk zones have been recognized so far. As of yesterday (4), 49,960 infected people have been reported. Of the cases, 24,930 are from the Western Province and it is 49.8 per cent of all cases.

Doctors say that in order to reduce the number of infected people, mosquito breeding places should be destroyed and if anyone has a fever for more than 24 hours, they should seek treatment from a qualified doctor. Doctors said that dengue deaths may increase due to reasons such as delays in diagnosing and getting treatment after being infected with dengue.Doctors also say that people should take steps not to use painkillers other than paracetamol for fever.

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