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“Best solution is Parliamentary or Presidential Election”

The main Opposition Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) says conducting a Parliamentary Election or a Presidential Election is the best solution to solve the country’s current deteriorating economic situation, rather than inviting the SJB or any other opposition party to join the Government that has already lost the people’s faith.

SJB National Organizer Tissa Attanayake made these remarks in response to a question raised by the media whether the SJB is willing to accept President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s request, made at a meeting in Hambantota, to join the Government to solve the current burning issues in the country.

He said conducting an election – Parliamentary or Presidential – is immensely important at this crucial juncture since the country is run by a group of Parliamentarians who have no people’s mandate, especially after the collapse of the previous regime.

“The President is an educated person and he should understand the importance of conducting an election to obtain the people’s wish at this crucial moment when they are facing immense hardships due to the escalating prices of consumer items, especially foodstuffs, that they need daily,” he said.

Attanayake further said no election could be postponed under any circumstances as it is the paramount right of people in a democratic country. He also said that the Government has already put a massive burden on the common man by imposing heavy taxes not only on consumer items, but also on the monthly salaries and bank savings. He said fortunately, due to repeated protests made by people, the Government couldn’t use EPF and ETF funds. Attanayake once again urged the President to hold an election, whether Parliamentary or Presidential, and ascertain the people’s wish, whether they like the current regime or prefer any other party to come into power.


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