Gem stones worth Rs.5.6 mn robbed at gunpoint in Aralaganwila | Daily News

Gem stones worth Rs.5.6 mn robbed at gunpoint in Aralaganwila

The Aralaganwila Police has commenced an extensive investigation regarding a complaint  received that three gemstones worth Rs.5.6 million had been stolen on the Dehiattakandiya road by two persons dressed in army uniforms, carrying handcuffs and armed with firearms.

This complaint was made to the police on July 3 by a 38-year-old businessman residing in Kajuwatte, Ruhunugama, Aragalaganwila. He had told the police that these three gems had been

given to him by a gem businessman residing in Dompe. This man, who claims to be a broker for gem businessmen, had told the police that on the morning of July 3, he was taking these three gemstones to be given to a businessman when he was robbed by two men dressed in uniforms similar to those of army personnel.

This person had told the police that he was travelling on a motorcycle with another person. The two soldiers in army uniforms had been standing near the farm of Informatics, he had said.

The complainant had told the police that the two men, who were dressed in army uniforms, had a firearm and a pair of handcuffs with them and had told them to stop the motorcycle and go to the camp for checking. Then they had intimidated the two persons on the motorbike and stolen the three gem stones and fled on another motorcycle.

According to this complaint, the value of the three gemstones is Rs.5.6 million. A top-ranking officer of the Aralagangwila Police said that there are many problems regarding the manner in which this robbery was carried out and that they are conducting a full investigation.

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