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Probe into girl’s death inside lodge in Kahawatte

A young woman hanged herself last Tuesday (4) evening in a lodge in Madampe in the Panawala area, Rakwana Police said.

Deceased woman was a 22 year old unmarried woman named Krishnan Pradeepa, residing in Rakwana Punchibarawatta, Stubidan Estate.

The deceased girl along with a 23 year had gone to this lodge last Tuesday (4). The young man who was with the girl stated that he went out to bring food for her, and returned after about ten minutes. And when he came to the room the door was closed and there was no sound coming

from the room. So he broke the window of the room with the hotel owner and saw his girlfriend had hanged herself.

He also claimed that he took the steps to take her to the Kahawatte hospital immediately.

The cause of the girl’s death has not yet been confirmed and the young man and the hotel owner have been arrested by Rakwana Police on suspicion. And the postmortem of the deceased girl is

scheduled to be conducted at the Kahawatte Hospital.

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