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Sergeant, WPC interdicted for misplacing complaint book

The Nuwara Eliya Assistant Superintendent of Police has interdicted a Sergeant who misplaced the book that records complaints at

the Agarapathana police station and a Woman Constable who ripped out pages of the book and burnt them, on Tuesday (4).

A police officer stated that this act of misconduct was committed by a Sergeant working in the same department with the aim of embarrassing and inconveniencing a sub- inspector working in the various complaints division.

The officer also said that there is not much time left for the sub-inspector to retire. He also said that the complaint book had gone missing because the complaint book had last been in the possession of this officer, so, even if this officer retires, when an investigation is held, he will not receive his pension until the investigation is completed.

Investigations have revealed that the complaint book was stolen by a Sergeant who was not on good terms with the sub-inspector as he was working in an orderly manner in the minor complaints section, making sure things were done properly. It has been revealed that the sub-inspector had taken this complaint book to court regarding a case on June 19 and brought it back to the police station and left it in the minor complaints section and it had been taken away by the Sergeant, a short while after that. The Sergeant had asked an apprentice female constable to destroy this book and handed it over to her. She had taken the book to the barracks where she was staying and torn out the pages and burnt them.The Sub-Inspector had informed the Officer-In-Charge of the Agarapathana Police Station about the missing book and checked the police station.

However, when it was not found, he had checked the police officers’ quarters on July 2 and there the complaint book of the minor complaints section was found in the women’s barracks, with many pages torn out.

The complaints reported to the police station between February 17 and April 27, 2023 had been recorded in this book. Investigations have also revealed that after the Sergeant gave the book to the novice WPC and asked her to destroy it, she had torn its pages and burnt them from time to time.

Agarapathana Police stated that pages 01 to 110, 179 to 226 and 391 to 394 had been destroyed. Investigations showed that the WPC had torn pages of this book and set them on fire while keeping it in the women’s quarters.

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