Thriving 'Moonshine' brewery at Gintota Plywood Factory | Daily News

Thriving 'Moonshine' brewery at Gintota Plywood Factory

The Galle Police anti-vice branch raided an illegal liquor brewery operating underground inside the Gintota Plywood Corporation factory site.

Two suspects together with the implements used to brew the illegal beverage were taken into custody. Police took two barrels of ‘goda’, 90,525 litres of moonshine and copper coils used for brewing. This distillery had been operating at the location for some time. The suspects had used a canal (a tributary of Gin Ganga) flowing near the plywood factory and abandoned buildings of the factory for brewing. The suspects had hidden the hooch underground at the deserted factory buildings.

They had carried out a flourishing moonshine production and had maintained a booming distribution network for the illicit brew in Galle and its suburbs during the curfew period.

The Gintota Plywood factory had been shut down for over four months providing the kasippu producers an ideal location for the operation. The arrested suspects between 25 and 30 years of age are residents of Dangedara and Gintota.

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