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Fishing attempt goes awry near Parliament, youth missing

Thalangama Police said that one of the two youths who went fishing in the Diyawanna Oya in a boat without permission, by removing a safety net, near the Parliament located in the high security zone has gone missing since dawn yesterday (26) when the boat capsized.

Police said that the missing person was a youth aged 18 and a resident of Wedagewatte, Kotuwegoda, Rajagiriya named Sayura Gimhan.

During initial investigations carried out the police said it was revealed that six persons, residents of Rajagiriya, Welikada, Mattakkuliya and Obeysekerapura had arrived at the Diyasaru Uyana located in the high-security zone near the parliamentary complex at about 1.30 am to go fishing.

It was also discovered that two young men had secretly entered the Diyawanna Oya through the security net put up around it, using a boat. When they were preparing to catch fish the boat had overturned whereupon one of them had swum to the shore while the other had disappeared, the police said.

According to the police, when they saw a three-wheeler coming towards the area where the Diyasaru Uyana was located, four individuals who were outside had fled believing it was the police.

Navy personnel who had been on duty at the Diyawanna Oya had seen the remaining two persons and the individual who had swum to the shore and they had taken these three persons into custody and handed them over to the Thalangama Police.

Police also said that an operation by a Navy Diving Team and officers of the Police life-saving unit, was being carried out since 26 morning in search of the missing person. They stated that the body of the missing person had not been found even by 1.30pm yesterday (26).

Our correspondent caught on camera a crocodile swimming a little further away from where the boat capsized and the individual went missing.

Officers of the Thalangama police are carrying out investigations into the incident.




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