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Broadcasting Authority Act will handle media ethically – Prof. Ashu Marasinghe

Former Minister Prof. Ashu Marasinghe said that there was no reason to be fearful of the proposed Broadcasting Authority Act since it will handle the media ethically.

He was participating in a media briefing at the United National Party (UNP) headquarters (Sirikotha) yesterday (12).

He said that the media should be careful to broadcast positive news. “Today, a news story about a new discovery comes after a series of unimportant news stories about crime and society.

“The use of the media in the world is vastly different from ours. The media requires ethics. Especially how the country should move forward is not highlighted properly in our news. If there is a murder, it will be broadcast or published along with big pictures. The media also tarnishes images before the relevant incident is proved. How to use media with social ethics is a challenge before us.

“Even now, the Minister can annul the licences of media institutions. But that does not happen. Everyone says it will happen through the new Act. The media institutions that operate ethically need not fear this Act.. 5G and 6G technology will be used in the future. Certain media institutions are not in favour of leaving the traditional model and following a new one. Even social media requires laws. Once a fake account is set up, posting anything is possible. Rules and regulations should be enforced against such entities. Democratic rights and freedom, should not be wild and foolish,” the former Minister said.

He added that during the President’s Japan tour, the countries of the “R Set” that represents 30 per cent of the world’s population had given a good answer. The advantages that can be achieved by joining the ‘R Set’ are immense. When Japan exports tea and garments they charge a 10.6 per cent tax. If we join the ‘R Set’ that tax will be removed and we will create an excellent market for us. We can gain 30 per cent of that market. If we are to become a rich country by 2048, we should move forward through these economic reforms.

“The benefits of economic reforms will reach the people by September. A Presidential Election will be held in November. Ranil Wickremesinghe should be our candidates of that election, too,” he said.



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