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Melodic magnificence

Kushani Sandarekha’s musical odyssey:

For Kushani singing is her lifelong passion, but she realizes that along with this passion comes great responsibility. She is no stranger to the power of music. From a very early age she entered the industry and it has been a journey that has brought her fulfillment and meaning. But she has always kept in mind that the young are easily influenced, and because of this she is always mindful. Culture & Arts features Kushani Sandarekha, who feels that she has so much to give to her fans when it comes to the field of music.

Kushani Sandarekha has released some new songs. Recently one of Jayantha Chandrasiri’s films, MidunuVishwaya was released. It was directed by Jayantha Chandrasiri and produced by Ruwan Jayasinghe and the music was done by Navarathna Gamage. MidunuVishawaya was a song that she did along with two other songs.

“This was a great opportunity for me to gather more experience by working with these two giants in cinema, Jayantha Chandrasiri and Ruwan Jayasinghe. Jayantha Chandrasiri is a well known film director who is well respected. Both these artistes, Navarathna Gamage and Jayantha Chandrasiri are artistes of the highest caliber. I am so fortunate to have worked with these extraordinary individuals. So MidunuVishwasaya was released,” said Kushani.

Stellar works

As for the other songs she has done, they too deserve recognition because they are sterling works. Kushani Sandarekha is an accomplished and talented singer who is well respected in the music industry. Another of her songs is Me Prema Wasanthaye and the music was done by Mahesh Vithana.

“I also once did a duet with Kasun Kalhara some time ago. A remake of this was done in an Orchestra. And it was released on YouTube. It went viral! It received good reviews and the song was called Sara Sande Siriyawi. The lyrics are so beautiful. This was such a beautiful and unforgettable song that means a lot to me. I am also planning out a concert called the ‘Black Red White concert’. We want to hold it again. Both Kasun and I have received many invitations to perform in concerts overseas. We plan on doing the ‘Black Red White’ concert at the end of the year in Sri Lanka.”

At the 2017 Sarasaviya Awards, she received the Best Singer Award for the song Sithuwili Pura. In 2016, she got the award for ‘Best Song of the Year’ at the Derana Film Awards. This is for the Mal Kalamba Langa song of the DedunuAkase Movie.

At the age of 7, she entered the field as a playback singer. She then performed her original song ‘Warangana’ which drew attention to her as an artiste. This was the beginning of fame for Kushani and it set her on the path to stardom.

“I have been a playback singer in films and a solo artiste as well, having also taken part in tele-dramas. I have done around 45 original songs and I have done around nearly 30 films. I entered this field at a very young age. I must say that I come from a family that is very much involved in the arts. We are probably the biggest family in arts in Sri Lanka. I must say that I love all the songs that I have done. Every song is a different experience to me. But if you ask me, Sithuwili Pura holds an important place in my heart. That was a turning point in my life. Here too some outstanding personalities were involved in the making. The composer was Udara Samaraweera and Priyantha Colombage was the director and lyricist. The movie was AdaraneeyaKathawak, explained Kushani.

Musical interest

For Kushani every part in the making of a movie and the preparation of the song is an experience she is so passionate about and one that she loves. It is hard work and requires commitment and passion.

“I feel I have more to contribute to the field of music. I feel I have not done enough. I can do more. And I want to do more. I want more and more experience. My advice to anyone who wants to do music is that they should be genuinely passionate about music. People need to feel that connection. Whatever you do, then do it well. An Artiste has so much influence over his or her fans, especially the young ones. With his/her fame comes great responsibility,” she said.

She points out that in addition to talent and working hard, an artiste needs to be educated when it comes to music. “Hard work and practice is absolutely essential. That applies to every field in the world. I have a daughter who is 8 and she is already showing an interest in music, and she is also very talented.”

Kushani concluded by saying that a great song needs to have good lyrics and they need to be timely and people need to feel it. They need to feel your message. That is why you need to be genuine. There needs to be a good melody to lift the lyrics. And then the voice comes in to the picture.

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