Places of worship to get 5 kw solar units | Daily News

Places of worship to get 5 kw solar units

Govt institutes also to be solar powered:

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said it will install each place of worship with a five kilowatt

solar panel system as a move to ease off the burden of electricity cost. He said that these five kw roof top solar power units will be established in every religious place without concerning the size and other parameters of those institutions. Besides, moves are under way to provide rooftop solar panels systems for government institutions to the size of the roof area of such institutions. It has been planned to implement both these projects within the next two months. At the first phase schools, police stations, hospitals and other government institutions are entitled to this project.

The Minister added that these projects will be started soon, probably by next month as the discussions in this regard are being carried out to fund this project through Indian financial assistance.

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